About Us

Many of y’all already know our background story but if you haven’t heard it keep reading.... & if you have... well I guess just scroll on sister!

About 11 years ago Meghan and I met in a little town called Roswell, NM... oddly we were both there touring the UFO museums. Haha jk.

We met in Target in the cosmetic aisle. Her baby was cute & so was mine! So of course we told each other & we pretty much haven’t spent a day apart since.   The girls were babies then and believe it or Not they were BOTH named Addisyn/Addison & it’s been like that ever since!  The similarities are insane!!!!!!

We literally finish each other’s sentences... in fact this is now Meghan writing this.... 

We decided to start our boutique in 2010 and we were “rolling with my homie” months later.  Rolling from town to town pulling our 1973 airstream that we converted into a store on wheels “making money the fly way”! We did this for several years before we opened our store in midtown of Ruidoso, NM. We are so happy we just rolled with it when we did & never ever looked back. What an adventure it’s been!

Thanks for your loyalty to our family business and for supporting us for a DECADE.  Don’t stop coming to 2600 Sudderth in Ruidoso, NM because we will definitely be there slangin’ clothes, changing lives one shirt at a time! Xoxo